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Collection Retainer

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 By creating collections with Swanky D’s, you have the advantage of discounts from vendors, great quality, and uniqueness.

All retainers include:

  1. Initial Consultation(45 minutes)
  2. 4 seasonal collections based on questionnaire and current trends every 3 months (Spring Summer, Winter, Fall)
  3. 2 additional essential collections(Staple pieces that are purchased regularly by customers 1 every 6 months)


A $100 non-refundable fee is required to start the process. 

***There is a minimum of $1000 opening  budget for retainers.

***your service fees will be included in your invoice

***1st collection includes fashion essentials

***Final collections will be sent for approval before purchasing 

***Customer is allowed 1 collection revision 

***All images for each product will be sent to customer in HD

*** Fashion forward content for you social media will be available.

***Product turn around time depends on product availability, shipping time and customer cooperation.


***Swanky D’s is not responsible for items not selling. Collections is picked based on your demographic and is approved by Client before purchasing.