Breakfast at Swanky's Prom Tea and Scholarship Event

Swanky D's is excited to announce the expansion of our philanthropy side.
We have partnered with Birmingham city schools and the surrounding areas to launch our 1st annual Breakfast at Swanky’s Prom Tea and Scholarship event. The event will take place at the Deja Ray Consignment and Boutique on January 22, 2023 between the hours of 12pm-5pm. During this event the attendees will arrive in their little black dress and pearls to hear from powerful female speakers, view a mini fashion show containing “dress redos” by local makers, and shop for FULL prom attire. We are looking to select between 25-30 girls for this wonderful opportunity! 
Because Our foundation is humbly built upon vintage apparel and Our founder is a firm believer in dressing for success and paying it forward, Swanky was inspired to host this event because of her love for too dressed to stress legendary icons as well as her own adolescent struggles during this most scarlet passage in life. Breakfast at Swanky’s is a combination of the vintage Ebony Fashion fair tour mixed with the modern-vintage classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Breakfast at Swanky’s is meant to spark an unapologetic scene of lady-like glam and self worth during a world full of what we now call influencers.
Once selected to participate in our scholarship and prom program, Our goal during this event is to:
Equipped each young lady with full prom/dance attire.
Give young ladies the opportunity to network with some of the most prominent women in the city with the potential for mentorship.
Provide Book scholarship for 5 deserving future college freshmen
Inspire proper dress edict not portrayed in mainstream media today
 To be eligible for this opportunity:
Must be be between the grades of 7th and 12th and attend school in the Birmingham or surrounding area
A 2.5 GPA(middle school equivalency )
A letter of recommendation 
A 5 min of less video submission
Application fee of $10. 
5.Must be in good standing with their school and the law
Please apply via the link below:
SPONSOR Opportunities:
**Please contact Swanky D's Via the website or to discuss how our girls can benefit from your company's generosity.