About Us

Established in 2016 by founder and CEO Nadiyah Gulley, Swanky D’s is a company dedicated to mentoring and coaching  businesses on how to creatively succeed in a competitive —yet subjective— industry through visual merchandising. 

Our foundation is humbly built upon fashion styling and personal shopping for corporate America, but Swanky D’s has smoothly transitioned to consulting for small businesses, brands, and boutiques.

In this transition, we’ve helped to foster fashion forward careers, and business ethical brands to maximize their potentials with their intended audiences. Swanky D’s showmanship is not only reflected in clientele and media marketing, but also in the power of influence allowing the company to Receive distinctive awards including, Merchandiser Of The Year several times, and the AARP award for curation of fashion production.

With the accumulation of over ten years of experience with wholesale buying, fashion merchandising, and fashion production we are now expanding our vision through our team.  With a dedicated staff of individuals who are the best at their Industry, we have the capability to handle a vast variety of  merchandising projects. Whether you want to open your own retail store, set up an instillation for your corporate event, or even to pick our brains for content theme ideas, you have come to the right place! 

At Swanky D’s, Our goal is to increase sales, elevate brand recognition, and provide a memorable retail experience.